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The YouthBuild Program is a comprehensive job-training, education and leadership development program that engages out-of-school and unemployed young adults ages 17-24. Throughout the term, YouthBuild participants spend half of their time either on a large-scale construction site learning construction skills and building low-income housing units, or receiving nurse aide training while serving in a healthcare related position with a local nonprofit or health center. The remaining time is spent in the classroom working toward earning their high school equivalency. 

YouthBuild participants receive career and college readiness training, leadership development, service learning and civic engagement activities, life skills and healthy lifestyles classes. In addition, they receive intensive career and post-secondary education placement assistance after finishing their term, as well as one year of intensive follow-up services.

Participants have the opportunity to earn an AmeriCorps Education Award toward their continuing education. 


What does MHYC look for in YouthBuild candidates?

Candidates must be between the ages of 17-24 and can NOT have a GED or high school diploma. Successful candidates will demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Commitment to earning a diploma
  • Desire to improve self and develop job skills
  • Strong personal work ethic and initiative
  • Comfortable with physical labor
  • Open to new challenges
  • Dedicated to furthering career and post-secondary education opportunities
  • Willing to work with diverse groups & teams
  • Eager to improve the community

Check out photos from our YouthBuild program here!

For more information check out the YouthBuild fact sheet

MHYC’s YouthBuild program receives 77% ($829,772) of its funding from the Department of Labor.